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TDI Courses

Welcome to the world of recreational technical diving, bought to you by TDI - Technical Diving International.

By now you have probably been introduced to Nitrox and be familiar with its uses for mixtures up to 40%. The Advanced Nitrox course is designed to introduce you to breathing mixtures that contain up to 100% oxygen, and equipment required for its safe use. The knowledge gained from the Advanced Nitrox course will help you utilize higher oxygen mixtures for an added safety factor on your no-deco stops.

The next step is to introduce Decompression Procedures. Although many dive computers will show deco information as a result of an extended stay, an understanding of how to plan decompression is invaluable. Every diver understands that extra planning must go into any 'Overhead' dive, such as cave, wreck and ice. So, where a diver has a mandatory deco stop they have entered the world of 'Virtual Overhead'. The diver can no longer swim directly to the surface, because of the deco stop.

These two courses also extend your qualified depth as a diver. Advanced Nitrox is a 40m qualification, while the Decompression course is 45m.


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